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i just have little knowledge about the computer and so i want to understand something about the MB

i see a lot price difference between the MB with different chipset (eg, G41 vs G45/P45) about twice or as much as 3 or 4 times more expensive.

i think that they have extra functions and features but what i really want to know is from basic usage point on G41/H55 versus more expensive series (will the more money be really effective in the following condition)

- No OC at all
- Dedicated Graphic card will bu use (just one sub $100 card, no SLI or CF)
- memory max 4GB (32 bit OS)
- 1 * HDD (no SSD)
- not for professional use

so let me listen ur advices?
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  1. Hi.

    1- What is ur budget?
    2- The most expensive series has a lot of features used for OC, Crossfire and SLI that like I see u aren't interested, ie many of the H55 mobos are micro ATX while the 1366 mobos are mostly ATX.
  2. max 450 USD for max
    lower better
    for medium config (eg. i3 530/q 8300 + H55/G41
  3. G41's were for the older LGA775.
    H55 is for the newer LGA1156 chipsets. For info on the chipset, just google.
    LGA775 had many chipsets like G31, P35, X38, G41, P43, P45 and X48.
    While the newer LGA 1156 have P55, H55, H57, Q55, Q57.
    LGA1366 have the X58.

    I had found a table which tabulated all the LGA775 chipsets, but somehow am not able to find it.

    i3 530.

    Comes to something around $470-480. Not sure. Could you please mention the purpose of this PC?
  4. mainly for just day to day use,

    watching movie with 1080p
    office work
    file transfer
    game (not that much with about 720p medium setting) not moderm games and not first priority

    450 usd max don't include monitor :)
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