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I am working on building my new computer, and have a few questions I am not sure about.

I do a lot of gaming, and am trying to figure out what setup would give me the best performance for my money. Does running two video cards in SLI or Crossfire with a single Velociraptor 10,000RPM HD perform better than say a Raid setup with two Velociraptor 10,000RPM HD's and one high end video card?
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  1. ^ Faster HDDs dont offer any significant performance in game...maybe just improve the load time...
    The Graphic cards are the most important, next the CPU...
    And going Crossfire/ SLI will benefit if the resolution is high...If a single powerful card will be able to play the games at your resolution, stick with that as it would give room to add another graphics card later on...
  2. Agreed with what is said above.

    Besides, 10k RPM drives are outdated. Modern 7,2k drives are close in performance due to larger platters. If you truly want a fast HDD, go SSD.
  3. Thanks for the help guys! I think I'm gonna settle on this system, should be pretty solid once I can afford the second video card.

    MB - Gigabyte EX58-UD4P
    CPU - Intel i7 920
    Graphics - GTX280
    RAM - 6 MB DDR3
    HD - 300G Velociraptor - (I do enjoy the fast load times)already had this in my current computer.
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