SSD, Battlefield 3 and disconnects - connected at all?


I wasn't sure where to post this given it's a problem I have with a game, but it seems to me it has something to do with the drive and I was really hoping for some pointers.

Whenever I try and connect to a server on BF3, I am almost always disconnected just before the map loads. I noticed that every time I was disconnected, the SSD I have (Vertex 3) would whir up a little bit, make a soft click, whir again a little, then click once more, and I would be disconnected. I also noticed that the light on the mobo where the drive connects would turn on, and then, in conjunction with the final whir, turn off.

I installed the game on a HDD instead, but exactly the same thing happens. It is odd, because whenever I turn the computer on, the first map I load, there is no problem connecting. I don't hear the drive, no whiring, no clicking.

I know SSds have no moveable parts and therefore are silent, but I swear, the noise is coming from a drive somewhere or other!

I never noticed this in the early days of the game back in 2011. It was only after they patched the game that these disconnects started to happen. My disconnects seem very different from the thousands of people who have posted on the net in general complaining about EA and disconnections - it seems that there is something about my drives, or some software on them, which no longer likes the game.

I'm sorry all this is very vague, but I don't know how else to explain it.

I have tried everything people usually recommend - updated drivers, pb updated, reinstalled the game (3 times), disabled sli on gpu set up, forwarded ports, disabled av programmes, took down my firewall, disabled upnp on router. Everything apart from a fresh install of the OP.

Today I spoke to a tech guy at EA, and he asked me to disable those services non-microsoft related in msconfig. I have to say that it seemed to work, since 5 out of 6 times I managed to connect to a server, and the drive made no sound. This evening however, I am back to square one, since 20 attempts at connecting have led to a disconnect in the manner that I have explained above.

I am out of all ideas now. My last port of call is a reinstall of OP.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone, or am I the first in the world to have this issue?

It's a lonely place to be! Nothing on the net about it, but you guys have been so helpful to me in the past, that I thought it was worth a try asking.

Thanks for any pointers - I'm willing to give anything a go.
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  1. I had similar problems with my Corsair Force 3 SSD, The game (BF3) would disconect from the server randomly , other times it would just disconect as a map was loading and other times the game would just freeze up in minutes of game play.
    My only solution which really isnt a solution is that I installed the game to my storage drive which is a mechanical drive and since then I have had no problems playing the game.
    I know this isn't an answer but I have experienced the same problem as you and at the very least you are not alone there.
    The only thing to do is RMA the drive , hopefully its a faulty drive they can replace and you no longer have the same problem.
  2. Hi Monsta

    Thanks for the reply and the knowledge that I am not alone!

    I reinstalled the game on the SSD and disconnected the hard drives physically - that has sorted the problem with game connections. It seems the game was looking for a file or info on another drive to the one I had the game installed on - that's weird. So it would call up another HDD (I don't know which one - I have three of them) and then find there was no relevant info there. At least that is the only explanation I can think of.

    So I guess I need to start testing by connecting each HDD at a time and seeing one which the culprit is. It seems a bit rubbish that to play a game I need to disconnect 3 tb of data!

    Anyways, thanks very much for the reply - nice to know I wasn't going insane!
  3. Hey Matt,
    Good to hear you found what your problem was, it is crazy to have to disconect 3 drives to just play a game.
    Think its a good idea like you said to test each drive out.
  4. Yes, good result, sort of.

    Thanks again for your reply.

    Much appreciated.
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