How to hook up Dual 5870s to 30" monitor

I have a PC with dual ATI RADEON HD 5870 graphics cards in crossfire configuration and a DELL 3008WFP LCD capable of 2560x1600 resolution and includes a display port input. I havent set it up yet so I have two questions:
1) How do I know which video card to run the cable to the monitor. Each card has two dual-link DVI output ports, so there are four ports total between the two cards. The monitor has two DVI-D input ports. What kind of cable would I need to set this up?
2)If I decide to use the display port set up, how would I set this up? Each card has one display port output and the monitor has one display port input.
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  1. 1) typicaly its the card clostest to the CPU that you connect your monitor to. you should only need to connect one port to the monitor. if you have a DVI cable then use DVI, DP then DP, if HDMI then HDMI, it matters little if at all. Although HDMI carries audio so maybe use that if you want to use the speakers on the Dell, one less cable to connect.

    2) use a displayport cable if you want displayport, you will only need one. use the cards port closest to the CPU.
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