My PC freezes When I Play games , now even when im browsing !

Hello .

Im experiencing a prob i cant figure it out -.-
my pc freeze when i play games and now even when im browsing .
it will freeze when im playing it .

i dont know what to do anymore .

anyone please help me ?

thank you in advance .

oh and when i search my computer information at the help & search program .
i checked my installed hardware status .
and the graphic cards driver is not supported .
i already downloaded it and installed it but the pc still freezes .

i scanned with kaspersky 2010 for viruses and it seems that they're no threat anymore .

and , what's a onboard graphic means ?


: Pentium D processor 2.8Ghz
: 2.5Gb Kingston Memory RAM
: NX7300LE TD256EH Nvidia GeForce Graphic Card - Display Driver nv4_disp - PCI Express Interface
: Windows XP Pro Sp 2
: 80Gb Hard Disk if this helps
: Pc Chips mother board P29G LGA775 VIA P4M890/8237R+ Chipset FSB 1066Mhz
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    wd dlg

    and btw your pc is low end for today, or beyond low end actually, and is of poor generic quality etc (VIA chipset, pcchips motherboard, etc)
  2. ^ At least it's a dual core, low end would be the 1.5GHz Celeron M (Core technology tho I think) in my laptop, or the Pentium 4 in one of my desktops.
  3. If u already take all of the hardware test and the problem still exist then the last thing u want to try is re-install windows...
  4. At that age, it probably has bad capacitors on the mobo and/or in the PSU. Google "Bad capacitors" for information.
  5. Test you hardware already crashes my comp , what should i do now ? -.-
  6. Try one stick of RAM at a time - bad RAM cards can cause strange behaviors such as you are seeing.
  7. Most freezes are caused by either RAM incompatabilities or a overheated CPU. And given your CPU is a Pentium D, I'd be leaning toward heat...
  8. Even when i just on after a day of rest , 15-30 minutes it will freezes .
    someone mentioned about turn off the overcloaking .
    how am i going to do that ?
  9. Download Realtemp and report what temperatures are being reported.
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