Xp to Window 7

How to uninstall an OS, further how to install a new OS like windows 7 and
how to partition the disk(is there any free software)?
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  1. take the new OS disc and stick it into your computer.... boot up and then go into the bios and change the boot order from the HD being first to your cd/dvd drive booting first... then save and restart... when the computer boots up it will bring up the windows install setup... the first thing it will ask is which partition you would like to install it to... it will list your partitions.... use the given prompt which is i believe the D button to delete all your old partitions with your old copy of windows on it... once you have all them deleted you will format using NTFS option and install the new copy of windows on that partition... it sounds very complicated but its preety straight forward and hard to screw up...
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