unmountable boot error installing xp

Hey guys need some help i keep getting the blue screen of death when i try and install windows xp it happens when the install does its first computer shutdown.The message says unmountable boot device and the code at the bottom is 0x000000ed checked the code on the xp web site aand it said that possibly using the wrong connector 40 wire instead of 80 wire but checked and everything is as it should be. i hope someone can give me some info so i can get this os up and running
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  1. what is your motherboard and hard drive setup?

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  2. im using a asus a7a motherboard and an ibm 30 gig hard drive ata 100 7200 rpm
  3. How are you trying to install the OS?

    I would recommend fdisking the harddrive, booting off the cd and installing from there.

    You can also do the upgrade, I didn't have a problem, but the folder setup is different and was really confusing trying to manage my personal files and settings.

    You can also replace the old OS using the advanced menu in the setup. It'll basically replace the windows folder I believe.

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  4. What kind of IDE controller are you installing off of? If it is a RAID (hypoint, promise, etc) then you need to hit "F6 to install 3rd party disk controller driver" when you first start the install. It happens quick. The F6 message flashes at the bottom for only a couple seconds.
  5. do you have a via chipset? because i did and once i installed the 4 in 1 drivers, i started to always get that error. then i had to reformat my hd and with the help of NOT INSTALLING the drivers, everything went okay. :)

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