A few questions before I start.

I am wanting to overclock my CPU (i5 2500k & Z68 Ex3 Gen3) but all the guides I read don't really tell you what is a good range for voltage as well set core limit and short and long durations. I have no idea what these are or what they should be in if I want to OC my CPU to 4.5GHz.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. what is your cpu cooler
  2. I see no point in overclocking to 4.5ghz with a single midrange video card.

    What power supply do you have? I wouldn't do any overclocking at all with that setup unless you have a high quality psu. A cheap 500w psu may only put out 350w.
  3. CPU cooler is a hyper 212 plus and my PSU is an Antec 550W 80 plus, also how do you know my GPU is midrange i never even said what it was?
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    VCore shoud be about 1.2-1.25 for about 4.5Ghz
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