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i dont know what to do with my memory it is clocked regularally at 1600 but my mobo clocks it at 1033 normal with 8 cas and its 7cas, plz read n post.
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  1. very interested to see if anyone knows
  2. If I understand your problem, you think you bought 1600 RAM, but your motherboard sets 1333 speeds, yes?

    If so, you actually bought overclocked RAM advertised to run at 1600 speeds under some particular timing and voltage conditions. The motherboard is reading the contents of the little SPD chip (google it) and detecting 1333 RAM.

    Setting the timing values and voltage may help.
  3. I did this, the timings are set to what they are listed as. But my OC% says 733, is that dangerous?
  4. 3th thread with the same question. Don't full the forum with the same question only one thread is enough for solve ur issue.
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