Which video card components need passive cooling?

I have 2 Galaxy GTX 670 GC 4GB cards and unfortunately there are no full cover blocks for them so I will have to use universal blocks. I read the watercooling sticky, but I am still a little confused about the other components that need heatsinks applied to them. Here is a photo of one of the cards:

So the vram (red), inductors (blue), and mosfets (green) all get heatsinks? What about #1-7?

For the heat sinks, should I use these, and these?

My case is a HAF X which has a 200mm side panel fan blowing on the video cards.
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  1. I know for a fact you should get heatsinks for the VRAM and VRMs (green). Unsure about the blue section - it's usually cooled by the full cover blocks, but I'm not sure if it is necessary per se.

    Pretty much any of those copper (or even aluminum) heatsinks will work. I found that the accessory kits for the Arctic Cooling aftermarket VGA coolers come with a ton of heatsinks and are cheaper than the copper ones. Used them on my factory OCed MSI Hawk 560Ti and had no issues with stability, temps, etc.
  2. You need to cool both the GPU and the VRAM. There are waterblocks for non reference layouts so keep and eye on the news in that field. Who knows, maybe there will be a galaxy one. Otherwise, an aluminium heatsink should suffice.
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