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Transfer hard drive from old to new pc

hi i wanted to know if i could transfer my old pc hard drive which is this 1

to this 1

also i wanted 2 know if i would need 2 buy a new OS or would my old 1 still work with it
it was just be great if this goes 2gether because the barebones im buying doesn't have a hardrive but its bad ass 2 me any way

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  1. If you are trying to use this drive as a Primary boot drive with the OS on it. its just not gonna happen. Your gonna have to Re-install windows. We all have to do it, Unless your some kind of boot leg copy person...... Some people have been able to do the windows repair and get into windows but eh. i like doing it the clean and legal way
  2. student discount works when you buying an windows 7 os i heard?
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    If both systems had similar chipsets, you might be able to reuse the drive without too many problems.

    You have incompatible chipsets, one Intel and one AMD.

    You will need to reinstall.

    Yes, you should be able to use a student discount.
  4. how big the discount because the os price is really discouraging me dang bairbones:/
  5. any 1?
  6. 64.95 from what i can see online please next time you have a question search online before asking it literally took me 3 min to fin the answer
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