F'd my board up with a reflash

so i just bought my new 1055t x6 and brought it home to my Jetway 790GX combo board, (running a old be-2400)and realized that i needed to update the bios. so while reflashing the bios i forgot to type in all the commands for the amiflash to execute while flashing. i realized this after rereading the instructions when my computer would no longer post.

i get no video signal, no startup beep, no bios screen, nothing. all the fans turn on and everything within the chassis seems to be running.

i have tried pulling the cmos jumper and battery with no effect

im curious if there is anyway to save the board? and if not what are the best boards for under $100? is there any real reason to get an 800 series over something like my 790gx?
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  1. You can try calling up Jetway service center and ask for their help.
  2. You will have to send the board back in to have the BIOS reflashed, unless it has a removable BIOS chip, then you can just ask Jetway to send you a new one.
    Or, you could just use this as an excuse to get a better board......
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