XFX HD5770

Hi all I am running a XFX HD5770 on the following system

Win7 64bit
Intel i5 750
4GB memory

At first all was fine for about a day but then the display went monochrome !
I've looked at what I think are all the settings and nothing points to what this might be caused by
Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.
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  1. Make sure the cable is properly inserted and if u have a spare cable then u can try it....
    U can try another monitor as well if u have...
  2. Try using it on another monitor
    Check the cable, if it is inserted correctly
    Did you installed the drivers?
    (Maybe an issue of drivers)
  3. Yes all drivers are latest, 9.12 as I recall. Just an update but I have now made a discovery ! I plugged the graphics cable into the other port on the graphics card and viola colour again..................
    So seems like a card fault, so it will be getting sent back for a replacement : )
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