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I have acquired a very strange fan. I wanted to use it in a graphics card mod but i cant figure out the wiring!
Type: nmb-mat
model: bg0903-b049-p0s. It is a sideways fan i think its called a BLOWER???
it had a strange connecter that had five pins but one was empty cause the fan has only four wires???? I want to turn it into a 3pin fan or more preferably attach a molex connector. I did that already via the fans red and black wires but then it runs full blast crazy fast!!! It cant be good for it since it revs up super loud and blows so much air out of it much morr than itd obviously supposed to. How would i wire it up to work off of a molex conne ter which i tried to by simply connectin 2 of 4 wires but as i said before it didnr work right!!!
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  1. This will run it half speed.

    here is a guide
  2. Even at 5 volts it freaks out and goes too high. It goes normal for a few seconds and then it revs up. I was hoping someone knew the way the fan thinks you know what i mean i want to figure out how to find out the pin out
  3. GEEZ! That fan is one of the old Minebea-Matsushida Motor Corporation fans better known in the USA as Panasonic Panaflo fans. It is no longer in production. We used to install them back in the early days of personal computers when cpu's did not have heatsinks and the only fan inside a case was the one in the power supply. They were high rpm, high airflow, and very loud. Back then we didn't care about noise. We ran them at full speed. We just wanted to keep things cool. All of them sounded like jet fighters breaking the sound barrier.

    Your particular fan with four cables is a pwm fan made for Dell computers. The speed can be controlled by the pc system providing your motherboard has a 4 pin fan connector. If you connect just the power and ground cables it will only run at full speed. If you connect it direct to a power supply it will only run at full speed.

    The 4 cables are +12 volt power (red), ground (black), signal/sensor (?), and control (?)

    I am growing old disgracefully and I forget things. I can't remember which remaining cable is for the signal sensor and which cable is for the control.
  4. Than you johnnylucky! I feel we are making some headway at least! It had a retardedly tiny heatsink attached to the bottom but i took that off and threw it away cause i dont need it. My original mod was to simply reinvent the cooling sytem on a pci-e geforce 6800 ultra so i can oc it till it drops... I sat there looking at thAtcard and decided that i wasnt really sure how to attach the fan in a way that properly cooled the heatsink and i also decided i didnt w
    ant to kill my best graphics card...(dont laugh) (if u do then i will understNd)

    So Nyway i ddcided that this fan would be better off attached to my cpu heatsink but i cant get it to run slowee! Do u think you still have the manual for one fo those fans???
  5. I don't have a manual. It's been at least 5 years since I used a Panaflo fan.

    This may be a fix for only 99 cents:
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    With the clip side of the 5 pin Dell connector up, put the wires in this order from right to left;
    Blue White Red Black [Empty]
    That should allow the fan to work properly when connected to a 4 pin fan header, works on my Intel board.
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  8. What if i have a 3pin fan header not four?
  9. The fan will scream like a banshee, unless you have a speed controller to hook up to it.
  10. I cut the originL connector off... Can i splice itnto a normal 4 pin connector?
  11. Yes, I usually pull the pins and splice a standard connector directly to them.
  12. K ill have to look at the 4pin connector for cpu fan in my other computer thTo figure out which way it goes.
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