Choosing a case for my new system.

I am really stuck at choosing a case for my new system. I want a big case (not necessarily a full-tower - some mid-towers are also really big). I will be installing an ATI 5850 card in - it's pretty long, so the case should be big enough to easily fit it. I wanted to buy Cooler Master Storm Sniper - it seems to be just perfect for me. However, it's still pretty expensive. Does anyone know a cheaper case of about the same size? And should i really get such a huge case for my system? One friend of mine, who's really good at computer hardware, told me that I can really save a lot of money if I buy a smaller case like Antec Three Hundred. Is he right?
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  1. COOLER MASTER HAF 922 This is a great case with plenty of room for the 5850.
  2. The ATI radeon HD 5850 video card is 240mm (9.5" inches) long. it should fit most mid-tower cases.

    Have a look at the Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord cases. They come in a variety of configurations with and without windows on the side panel. They can accomodate a 5850 with room left over. still has the lowest prices in the USA ($99.99 or less):
  3. Serous - What do you Want your Case to do? is it going to be a lan machine or a stay at home super gaming rig? Do you really need the storm scout's handle? Otherwise look at the CM690 II Advanced. It is pricey But its well worth the money. I also agree With JohnnyLucky About The Lancool Dragon Lord... Brilliant Chassis

    Good luck man! :D
  4. Larger cases are easier to work with because they are not so cramped inside. They also tend to run cooler because ... they are not so cramped inside.
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