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Helloo... I recently got a 20'' monitor for my bday. And a new core i5 upgrade with ram motherboard and all that. Then I took my old 9800 gt of my old box and put it in my new box... But it can only play most games on medium and it struggles especially in crysis and gta etc... Now i want to buy a new gpu but I ndont know alot about that stuff. I want to play games like crysis gta prototype and mass effect 2 and bioshock 2 on high to max with pretty descent fps(40 above) Now I am also on a kinda budget about $200. Can someone please recomend a gpu... Thanx
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  1. For a 20'' monitor and $200 budget, You will be absolutely happy with the performance of 5750 HD or may be 5770 HD.

    Provided you have more budget and want to play games at maximum settings, I would strongly recommend you to go with 5770 HD.

    It is around $160. And performs on-par with 4870 HD and GTX 260, Adding DirectX 11

    I would again say that go for 5770, If you want to play games at maximum settings at your monitor.

    Buying $130 5750 will be a good choice, but may be you won't get the the chance to maximize settings in CRYSIS and coming games

    Once again, I would say you to for 5770 HD

    GooD LucK
  2. ^+1
    yup, for that resolution get 5770.
    What about your PSU? brand? model?
  3. Thanks psu is 720w dont know about the brand. Got it with the i5 upgrade... For what does the 4890 sell i heard that performance wise it is better?
  4. It looks like it is by about 5 to 15 percent on DX10/10.1 games. Of course the 4890 isn't DX11 compatible and DX11 games/5770 *should yield equal or better performance throughout it's life. So it's future proof vs power at that point...
    Either way you go, they are both great deals.
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