Dual NICs and a switch

Hi all, just looking for some help on setting up a network.

I've got 2 servers (Windows Server 2008), 10 PCs (XP) and a switch.

The servers have 2 NICs each, and there is a lot of network traffic between the 2 servers.

My plan was to connect them using the spare NIC and a crossover cable. The main reason for doing this is to cutout the switch.

All PC-to-Server conns would still go through the switch.

Is this doable? Advisable? Common? If so, can anyone please let me know (roughly) how this is done? Or even some search terms that I can google?

thanks in advance
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  1. You *might* be able to assign the same IP to both NICs then set your route table to use your server-to-server NIC instead of the switch when it tries to contact the other server.

    I've never had to do this, so I'm not sure about the most transparent way of setting this up.
  2. If both NICs on each server are the same, why not team them?
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