Just a .25 vcore increase causing hot temps?

I am overclocking my Phenom 965 BE (With a Hyper 212 Plus) to 4.0ghz at the moment but to get it there I need just a .25 vcore increase or so it seems. However the problem is that the tempertures skyrocket under full load (63c) with that little increase. What's weird is that I can maintaina stable 3.8ghz with great temps (27c idle, 52c full load with Prime94) at 1.4v.
Should a .25vcore increase cause an addition of 10c to my CPU under full load or is something wrong here?
Also should I worry about it if that is the temperture under a full stress test and not a blend test?
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  1. 0.25V is not exactly "little" in terms of CPUs, so yes, I would say 10C is fairly normal. Not certain though.
  2. I just wasn't sure what to expect with an increase so it seemed like a jump to me.
    So is there any way to keep it below 60c temperature while maintaining that vcore?
  3. I think setting vdroop to max can help you lower your vcore, but i'm not certain. A better cooler is the other option, though the one you have is pretty good by memory.
  4. .25v is a lot.

    Are you sure you dont need .025?
  5. Well I did another test last night at 3.9ghz with the auto vcore. Ran Prime95 under full load for an hour and have not experienced any crashes yet. So I am getting there.
    It's just when going into bios to set the voltage to 1.425 seems to make it increase to about almost 1.490 volts according to CPUZ when it is under full load.
    Is that correct? Being new to overclocking, I wasn't sure if the auto voltage gets turned off when a specific amount is entered.
  6. i would lower the voltage to be having a temp at max 60 celcius on the overclock to be safe
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