Keep Dell SFF Uncovered and Cool

I have this Dell Optiplex Small Form Factor, and of course the fan is struggling to keep the compact inside cool.

Whenever I work on it with the cover off while it's running the fan doesn't even run. So if I keep it in a safe place, why not just keep the cover off?
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  1. what fan doesnt even run? the cpu fan or a case fan? that sounds odd to me...but as far as leaving the side panel off you just have to be careful and keep it in a place that something wont be able to get inside the touching crap...something falling off your desk etc....also you gotta be more mindful with dust build up in the system so you gotta clean it out a little more often...other than that there is not too much risk running the pc with the side panel off if you take the necessary precautions...I wouldnt do this with my pc's personally I would just add more fans to the case or cut a vent hole in it or something...
  2. There's a small suction fan at the top/back with the power supply, it doesn't run when I have the case open, I guess because the system is cool enough.

    On closer inspection I found that the noisemaker was actually the video card fan. It was blowing hot air out of it's exhaust slots that was too hot for my finger when I pressed it against the exhaust. This exhaust was right against the case cover.

    I'm going to cut a vent hole, good idea.

    I was wondering though, is there some suction cooling process that makes the air rush faster when the case is closed thereby requiring the cover to stay on?
  3. no especially not with pre built could even go as far as cut a vent hole and put a 120mm fan in it...that would really help your system stay cool
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