About this....power supply for a new system...

Alright, so I've taken everybody's advice up, and dumped Dell. Hooray for me.

Now, I'm finally building my own computer. Here are the specs.

-Samsung HD103UJ 1 Terrabyte
-Cooler Master HAF922
-Sapphire ATI HD5770 VaporX,1GB 2X Crossfire
-Intel i7-920 Processor, going to overclock to 3.33 ghz
-OCZ Gold Tri DDR3,1600-6GK
- Thermaltake Tpower XT 850W
-Case Fan, Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 Red LED Silent Fan
- Samsung SyncMaster P2270

I would probably need atleast 900 watt, to supply an overclocked i7 920, and crossfire'd HD 5770's. People been keep telling to get a Corsair, saying that Thermaltake isn't reliable enough.

So I had the idea of getting an HX850W PSU. Now heres the Jazz, I didn't knew Corsair even made PSU's, other then their outstanding Memory sticks.
I just need a PSU that's stable at an 3.33ghz Overclocked 920, 2x HD 5770's VaporX and a P2270 at a 1920x1080 resolution to play....Well, you've guessed it...Mass Effect 2 at max 60+ fps!

Any recommandations? woud be appreciated. :hello:
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  1. The Corsair HX850W is a very nice power supply and will suit your needs well. I tend to prefer the Corsair over the Thermaltake as they seem to be more reliable. You will not need more than 850W with that build. That is the same PSU I am getting for my i7 920 build although I can't afford 2 HD5770's, just yet.

    Good Luck.
  2. Actually, the 750 would be just as good. The 5770's aren't that power hungry.
    Corsair 750TX (60 amp 12 volt rail)

    Only problem is, it's not modular.
  3. What do you mean with 'modular' :bounce:?
  4. Modular means that you get a power supply and cables for it - separate. The cables have connectors on both ends, one of which plugs into matching connectors on the PSU. The advantage of this system is that you only have to use the cables you need - much less clutter because you don't have these unused cables laying around inside the case messing with airflow and looks.
  5. Oooohhhhh, oh dear, I happen to know a friend how one of his loose hanging around connector's struck his processor cooling fan...didn't turned out too well :-(
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