Pls review Temp for 1st OC

Hi there, could you pls review / comment on my first OC?

- Are these temperatures & voltages ok? (these were taken during a Prime 95 run, few hrs I think)
- Are these settings for OC correct?

All details below

Thanks for your help.

Settings for OC are based on this guide:
Offset mode
All Core=40
Additional Turbo Voltage: +0.004v
Offset Voltage: +0.005v
Enhanced Halt State (C1E): Enabled
CPU C3 State Support: Disabled
CPU C6 State Support: Disabled
Package C State Support: Disabled
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    Load temps are what matter. stress your cpu and check those temps.

    Edit: So read the wrong temps.

    I wouldnt OC farther. 70C for 4.0 is fine but I wouldnt watn more than 70C on any core. What kind of cooler do you have.
  2. Looks fine. You have some high temps for low voltages though. Are you using the stock cooler?
  3. thx for the quick reply.
    Hyper 212 EVO, single fan on CPU cooler (push config towards rear exhaust fan)
    Fractal R4 case with 1 intake fan in front & 1 exhaust in back (both 140mm which came with the case)
  4. One more questions please:

    How do I test cooling performance with GPU PLUS(!) CPU under load.

    I assume most games would load CPU and GPU to some extend.
    It seems Prime95 only stress tests the CPU.
    Should I run Prime95 and a 3D benchmark at the same time?

    Also, in case anyone is interested in the Fractal Design Define R4 case cooling / temperature / noise performance, pls see below.
    I did the following modifications today. After the measurements in my inital post

    - added 1x GTX 670 for SLI
    - added Noctua NF-P14 FLX in the side panel, using the black "low noise connector" (= fix 900rpm, connected directly to power)
    - changed BIOS settings for cooling fans. default is "always max", which results in permanent +1800 rpm on the CPU fan as per my initial post results)
    - new BIOS CPU fan settings are "manual", level 2, temp threshold of 55. This reduced the rpm to 1082 if temp < 55 C. after that rpm inc up to 1870
    - I lifted the case, so that the bottom is about 2 cm above the carpet. Before the case feet (about 1cm high) sunk in the carpet. The idea was that the PSU air intake from underneath would improve.

    After the modifications I got the results below.

    - noise is very similar to initial set-up, even with the side panel opened up for the new fan. By default the opening is covered with a noise absorbing enclosure.
    - the only component which I can hear is the CPU fan (CM Hyper Evo 212). Case fans seem to be very quite.
    - The R4 is advertised as low noise case. I would be very careful here. I read comments like "Its so quite, I can't even hear if the PC is on or off" ... that is definitely not the true for me. However, it is pretty quite ;-)

    - Temperatures are down about 7 C in compared to the initial set-up (Prime 95, 1hr run, see below).

    - I have Gigabyte GTX 670 factory OC in SLI. By default fans run at 700 rpm idle.
    - During the basic 3D Mark11 test the fans inc up to 2000 rpm. However, I did not hear any difference. Temp went up from 35C idle to 67C max.

    Prime95 1hr run
  5. you really shouldn't worry about temps. Remember those benchmarks were made for stressing your computer. BF3 won't even put a load like that.
  6. I would still add more case fans to your rig. I remember adding three fans significantly helped out my cpu temp by 10C and gpu by 15C

    I usually run prime and furmark at the same time to test heat on both cpu and gpu.
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