Gigabyte BIOS RAID hangs

I recently switched from a single drive Win7 install to a intel RAID. I setup the RAID in BIOS and then proceeded to restore the Win7 backup image to the raid. After the restore was done the computer restarted and then proceeded to hang at the SATA AHCHI BIOS part. I have to unplug the RAID drives and reset the BIOS back to IDE mode to even get it to post. Any suggestions to getting this RAID running? EX58-UD3R BIOS F11
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  1. Prior to doing this, did you change the Windows Registry to load the AHCI drivers? The default is no.
  2. This is more of a BIOS issue than a windows issue. It won't even get to the point where it loads windows. BIOS doesn't recognize the RAID array and just sits there blinking a cursor at me. I can make a guess that MSBackup screwed with whatever Intel does to the drives to mark them as ICH RAID drives and that is why it just hangs.

    At this point I wouldn't mind just installing Win7 from scratch but everytime I plug in the drives and enable the SATA RAID, the AHCI BIOS just sits there.

    Does anyone know what is done to the drives to mark them as RAID drives? Will blowing up the MBR and Partitions with GParted fix this?

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