Your experience with Intel 320 series SSD

Hi guys!

I wanna know what's your experience with Intel 320 series SSD. How fast, reliable it is? Do you recommend it?
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  1. I have the 160 GB version, and it performs as advertised.

    As to reliability I have had no issues, when the bug surfaced with the 8 GB issue, Intel was quick to analyze and released a new firmware to fix the issue.

    Reading Toms Best SSDs article, according to them Intel is the go-to manufacturer when it comes to reliability.
    There was a post by someone with a link to a computer seller that had a table showing RMAs on different components, and Intel was the best when it came to SSDs.
  2. I have a 300EUR bonus at my local store and would like to buy the best SSD for the money. Please note that OCZ is not an option because the dealer doesn't supply it.

    Is Intel still your No. 1 choice?
  3. Do you have a link to where you would buy, as prices do vary.

    It would help if you listed your system.

    The reason why I got the one I did, was that there were no other of that size in the price range when I bought it, and also I am limited by having SATA II and not SATA III.
  4. My mobo is Asus P8Z68 V PRO

    CPU is i5 2500K

    Corsair Vegenance 8gb ram

    WD Caviar black 1TB and a 500gb Seagate

    570GTX GPU

    That's the site. It's not in english but might still be useful to you as a guide.
  5. I have the Corsair HX 750W modular PSU
  6. Of your available choices, you can't go wrong with the Intel, but the Corsair Force 3 is a better value and solid drive with faster benchmarks, but no real noticeable difference.
  7. Have the Intel G2, over a year, No problems.
    Have a pair of Curcail m4s in laptop - No problems
    Have a pair of agility IIIs (do not recommend) just replaced one with a Samsung 830.
    The samsung 470 (sata II) and Samsung 830 are suppost to be very close to the intel for reliability.

    Have a total of 10 SSDs - No problems from a reliability standpoint on any of them, only proble was compatability issue with the agility III
  8. With a budget of up to €300, the Kingston HyperX 120GB and Corsair Force GT 120GB are among the fastest you can get and with a good reputation.

    Now, the Intel 320 120GB is not going to win any speed records, but even a slow SSD is a massive upgrade over a mechanical HDD, and it would be up to you if the reliability, extra safety options and reduced price is worth the reduction in speed.

    You have yet to state the intended usage of the drive, 120 GB is used up fast if you are not careful about how you have your system set up and manage installed applications and their data.
  9. Added.

    The corsair sata III line up is not impressive looking at Customer feed back @ new egg.
    Know you are not buying from Newegg, But good site to get a feel of what others are saying - just take with a grain of salt.
    The 120 Gig corsar (uses the SF22xx controller) fairs a little better.

    Note the "real life" difference between the better SSDs is not near as much as the Syntetic benchmarks indicate.
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