First time overclock help i52500k

Hello, I've just OC'd for the first time using a i52500k cooled by a Hyper 212 evo using a Gigabyte GA Z68-XP-UD3P and 8GB of Ripjaws dual channel RAM. My settings are as followed:
.CPU clock ration set to 44
.LLC level 5/10
.CPU thermal moniter DISABLED
.Ram set to 1.5v as on sticker, everything left on auto concerning RAM
.CPU Vcore set to 1.350 ( managed to get it to1.315 befoer BSOD) but it turns up as 1.34 idle and 1.380 under load).
Temps were 69/70 under P95 after 3 hours of running.

My question now is can anyone help me refine this especially the fact that it now runs at 44ghz constantly. I would like to now how to get it to auto down clock to 1.6 and it be stable. Also maybe get lower Vcore if possible. Thank to anyone that takes to time to read.
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  1. Also I,m using a TX750 bronze PSU and BIOS version F2.
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