Dual(different) graphic card configuration

Hello,new here
I am building a new desktop that i intend to use also as a workstation.
My question: Could i run a nvdia geforce 9800 gt or a geforce 200 series in paralel with an nvidia quadro 580(not sli)each with its own display?

My configuration so far:
CPU: intel core I7 920
MB: Asus P6T WS Pro
Ram: 6GB Corsair XMS3 DDR1600 laetrile channelised HD raid IMO thinking two seagate baracuda 250gb(not sure yet)
GPU-s: geforce 9800 gt or geforce gtx 265 and quadro 580
case:Cooler Master HAF 932
power supply: Cooler Master silent pro 700w modular
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  1. Im not 100% sure but i dnt think you can as you would need to different drivers to run at the same time and that would cause issues.

    BTW Welcome :)
  2. Thx
    Is there purhapse a way to make this configuration work? like selecting a driver when i turn on my computer depending on which card i would like to use?and the rebooting when i want to switch?javascript: validform(this);

    sry if the question sounds sily, IT is not really my area of expertise:P
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