GT220 or 4670

which card should i buy ???
GT220 or 4670 ??? :??:
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  1. 4670 is more faster than GT220, not too far i think...
    BTW, that's the only your options?
    Are u planning to buy?
  2. yes i m going to buy & they r d options...
  3. what the other spec? CPU, RAM, motherboard, PSU?
    Are u on really tight budget?
  4. e 7500
    2gb Ram
    coshair 460W
  5. If u are on a really tight budget then go ahead, 4670 is a good choice...
  6. A Radeon 4670 will perform good upto 1680x1050
    It will be a good card for you, your CPU and PSU

    GooD LucK
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