5870 Crossfire AA?

I'm new to ATI. I've always used nvidia. I have 2 5870s crossfired. I noticed in every game I play like crysis the AA only goes up to 8X. When I used nvidia the AA would go up to 16X. Why is this?
I have CCC in default. Is it best to leave it in default?? The only thing I have changed in CCC is I checked Enable GPU Scaling.
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  1. Different games have different in game limits. In the CCC, you can take it up to x16 with standard box AA, and up to x24 using some of their unique stuff.

    Crysis just has a fairly low in game AA setting, but given how extremely hard on the system it is, I don't see why anyone would want x16 in that game. I don't think it's unique to ATI cards here. I played Crysis on both Nvidia and ATI cards, although I'm not likely to go beyond x4 anyways. Even with CF 5870's, which I have.
  2. Quote:
    It is always best I would say to use the ingame AA settings unless those do not work or do not exist.

    Re: the Crysis settings, welcome to TWIMTBP.

    No. In fact you will get 100x better performance for the SAME aa if you use CCC aa instead of Crysis aa.
  3. Well, I did switch to my Nvidia card (both are in same system) and it does have some other higher end AA in Crysis. Not all games are limited to this. Regardless, in Crysis, going over 4x AA isn't usually a good idea, and you can at least use 8x.
  4. I tried some other games to see the differences between the two cards. Crysis is the only one with a difference so far.
  5. so you suggest to leave ccc at default for games?
  6. mstang783 said:
    so you suggest to leave ccc at default for games?

    If there is a game that you want different AA settings than are availible, I make a profile in the CCC with a link to the game I'm running and a shortcut for that profile on my desktop. I did this with Dragon Age: Origins to force the game to use super-sampled AA which greatly helped smooth jaggies in foilage and textures.
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