How will Call of Duty work with this computer

I have a computer with these specs:
model: DX4200-09
Ram: 4gb
graphics card: sapphire ATI radeon HD 4670
processor: AMD phenom quad core 1.80gz

im looking to see if the games Bioshock, Call of Duty 4/5/6 work with this kind of computer and how well they will work
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  1. 4.5 to a 5.0 out of a 10 - COD6 and Bio will be a strain. Your CPU shouldn't be a problem but is clocked a bit low.
    thought that was a 5670 for a moment.
  2. so cod 4 and 5 should be pretty good on medium settings?
  3. depends what resolution you play at. if its 1280 x 1024 then you should be fine with medium settings.
  4. Bioshock will be maxed out easy, I can max it out with a 4670 at 1440 x 900.
  5. there are a lot of different versions of the HD 4670, which one should i pick? i know i want one with 1 gb ram but i dont know what brand to go with
  6. Go with the 512mb version. The card won't be powerful enough to use more than 512mb.

    A 4670 should be able to play COD: MW2 on medium to high settings with lowered AA at 1280x1024, and max out Bioshock.
  7. ok thanks, i cant wait to play Bioshock, its a great game i hear
  8. Its scary! :(
  9. what brand card should i go for, i.e. Sapphire, Diamond, vision tech, XFX.....?
  10. the 4670 should be able to handle the game fine

    though the cpu is clocked really low, if the games run fine then don't worry, if they don't look into over clocking it, you should be able to get even a bit better
  11. call of duty 4 and 6 will work fine . but in cod 5(world at war ) your happiness may get screwed. try overclocking ur cpu.
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