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hi, everybody
I did install a nvidia geforce 8600 gt 512 mb agp graphic card in my system, which is an intel 845 agp set or so. xp and w7 working very well but I am not getting the desired aero effects and display in w7. I have ram 1 gb (SD RAM) and speed is 2.0 GHz. W7 deos not recognize the new card installed and shows 'standard VGA adaptor' under device/display while xp shows geforce 8600 gt. I could not also found driver for this graphic card in W7. The available ones cannot be installed since the system (W7) does not recognize the card. Why? What to do? Can anyone help me?
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  1. you've answered your own question, the drivers are not installed.

    You say you cant find the drivers ? you cant of looked very hard, they are freely available on nvidia's driver home page.
  2. Google nVidia, go to the first result.
    Click drivers, click 8-Series, click 8600GT.
    So easy, do it yourself!
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