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Hello, I got a new system and I can't get Esata to work. I have an M4a89GTPro MB and windows 7 32 bit. I have not DLed Asus Express Gate because it is a large file and I do not have good access to broad band. Do I need to install it for Esata to work? Thanks.
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  1. 1) Do you have your SATA controller set to IDE or AHCI? You need it set to AHCI for hot swap of the eSATA to work. Otherwise, you will need to boot with the device installed.

    2) To change your controller to AHCI, if needed, read the best answer in this thread for how to change...
  2. Tried that and windows would not boot up... I emailed Toshiba and I am waiteing on them. I am thinking about returning the HD and get a USB 3.0 drive.
  3. You cannot change IDE to AHCI if Windows is installed to IDE setting. Therefore, I suggest you read to make your HDD bootable again.
  4. ^+1...

    You need to put it back into IDE and follow the steps above or my step 2 (same info.). Sorry, I wasn't clear enough in my original post :(
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