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Hi folks

I've come a bit of a cropper when upgrading my bios on my Gigabyte GA MA790FX-DS5 mobo. For some reason, changing from the F8d to F8g has totaly stopped me over clocking my AMD 965 c3 cpu.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the F8d bios? Searched on the Gigabyte site but theres no sign of it there anymore, so if there's another site that foks know of, you'd be a great help to me and my pockets!

If i cant find it, there's always the choice of a new mobo, and im thinking of the asus m4a89td pro. Anyone tryed this, and how did they find it?

Thanks in advance

Chris :pt1cable:
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  1. From the looks of it all of the f8 BIOSes are Beta versions of the Bios and as they update the version (d-e-f-g) they discontinue use of the older beta version -- so you might need to go to the F7 released version if you need to go backward or wait for the next beta update (this is one reason you should always save your current BIOS before flashing it to a new one so that you can revert if for some reason it does not work properly.)
  2. I did back it up, but an incedent with my memory pen and a nosey puppy destroyed it, (lesson learned, belive me)! I tryed the older F7 bios, but there seemed to be a problem with it recoginising my 956 for some reason!
  3. Bummer - yeah the F7 might be before the C3 version of the 965 came out -- might try Gigabyte support and see if the have the F8d version saved somewhere they could e-mail to you. (worth a shot)
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