Intel d845pebt2 processor?

I have a intel d845pebt2 motherboard and I was wondering what the best processor I can get for it is and what it would cost me I am also wondering what a good but cheap graphics card for it would be

Thanks for your time please respond
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  1. CPU support list
    Both CPU and GPU AGP x4 are best bought used of ebay or other similar source
  2. I am sorry but I am new to this stuf which processor would be best and most up to date
  3. The best one on the list is the top one. All of them are old and not compareable to today's technology.
  4. What would I need to buy to get an up to date computer that can play games but is not for hard core gaming and is not to expensive like 3-5 hundred
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  6. Wow thank you you really knew exactly what I was looking for is this fully upgradeable and is it up to today's standards for average gaming
  7. It is a budget set with a modern dual core CPU. The motherboard has integrated GPU (not a gaming GPU) and supports x4 and x6 CPU's (can be upgrated later). Adding the GPU (or similar) I linked to will make that a good low mid range gaming system. It is fully upgradeable by today's std.
  8. Thank you what gpu could I get to make it a very good gameing computer I am not really playing games but want a good computer to edit videos if what you already listed will work that would be great but if I can make it even beter for not to much more that would Aldo be great thanks again
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