New Build - Need Critiques

First of all, I have a XFX HD4890, an Antec Three Hundred, a CPU cooler, and a DVD burner. All of which I will be reusing on this build. Here is my new build.

Let me know if you guys would make any changes. The reason for the 3 HDD's is one for OS, one for a data/programs drive, and one for installing all of my games. The PSU was chosen because it is modular and it has 52A on a single 12V rail. Memory was chosen due to low timings 7-7-7-21. CPU was chosen because I don't want to get something less, and then regret not getting the fastest processor for just a little bit more money.

My tax return just got here and it is $865 so that is my budget. How do you guys think the 4890 will be with this rig? It isn't going to be a huge bottleneck, is it?


EDIT: Almost forgot to mention, I have a Samsung 22" monitor @ 1680x1050 that I will be reusing as well.
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  1. Not a thing I would change. :)

    Except that I wouldn't have gone AMD . . . But that's just me.
  2. Anybody else have any input?
  3. It's pretty good, but the 955 is just as good as the 965 without the price premium. It's also a BE so you can OC it easily. Also, the PSU might not cut if if you want to OC and XFire. A quality 750W PSU would do you well. Other than that it looks great.
  4. I've never OC'd before, and I don't think I really am going to learn now. That is why I chose the 965 over the 955. Knowing I'm not going to OC, is the $24 increase worth it for the extra 0.2GHz that the 965 provides over the 955?
  5. Overall any increase is good. If you're not going to OC then it probably is worth it. Go for it then and have fun.
  6. Thanks for the advice :)
  7. A 650W would support 2x 4890s, but it'd be pushing it, especially if you're planning to overclock.

    For a 750W, just go with the Corsair TX750.
  8. I did some revisions based on suggestions from another forum I posted this thread on. What do you guys think of this?

    WD Caviar Black 500GB
    Corsair Modular 650W PSU
    Corsair DDR3
    Phenom II X4 955 BE
    Windows 7 Professional

    It is about $8 cheaper, and I get my Caviar Blacks like I originally wanted. I was told that I would not be able to notice a difference in the memory and that the 965 is not worth the extra $24. Also that the 790X has a better power converter than the 790GX and that the only other difference between the two is that the GX has IGP.

    I'm thinking about changing my mind about overclocking. I want to get that 955 up to at least where the 965 is :P
  9. Looks good, but like raybob said, a 650W would be pushing it for the 4890's. I'd suggest at least a 700W, and a 750W would be preferred that way you don't have to get any PCI-E power adapters.
  10. Do I really need a 700/750W PSU for one HD4890? On newegg, the minimum power requirement is 500W.
  11. If you're never going to XFire, then no, don't need near that much. You could go with a 500W no problem, but if you want a little headroom, then go for a 550.
  12. I looked at a PSU calculator and it gave me this:

    *I completely and utterly made up numbers for the overclocked CPU. I have not done reading on OC'ing yet, so I didn't know a reasonable number to put in for the vcore.

    Then I made the rig crossfired and got this:

  13. Purchased :)

    I'll update with pics and whatnot when I get it together :D

    Thanks for all of the help/advice everyone!
  14. Quick question guys, I got everything in today apart from the memory (had to be shipped from Cali :( ). I was flipping through the mobo manual and saw the diagram of how everything is connected/what talks to what (can't remember what it was called) and I noticed that 2 of the 8 SATA ports go through the northbridge, while the other 6 go through the southbridge first. Is there a reason for this (i.e. the 2 are faster so should be used for boot drives)?

    Thanks! Can't wait to get the memory in and get it running tomorrow. It looks like the box was abused a little bit, fingers crossed it will POST on the first try!
  15. Here is the diagram I was talking about guys. I did not get a chance to get it together yesterday, but I will be doing it later today.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could let me know which SATA port to use. If I don't hear anything, I guess I'm going to put the boot drive on 1 of the 2 separate SATA ports that are controlled by GIGABYTE SATA2?

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