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Hi, we are a small company with about 10 client computers. I want to stop clients just plugging in their laptops and accessing the network.. as this is an easy way for viruses to get in and there is no filtering software. Our Internet connection is on ADSL through a DG834GT Netgear router and the Domain Contoller is plugged directly into that router and then we have ethernet cabling from the router to other parts of the building and then terminated at switches.. no client accesses the network from the router directly.. I was thinking... if I installed two network cards in the dc one connecting it the the router (internet) and one connecting it to a switch (where the cabling for the rest of the building would be plugged into) could i somehow only let the proxy be transmitted i think you can do this from freeproxy, which i would use. Am I on the right lines.. Thanks.. I don't know a lot about networking
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