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I know there are other ways of finding out this information but I already know a lot and don't feel like reading a whole thread for a simple bit of questions such as mine. Okay first off: I'm water cooling. I have a pump, res, rad, tubing, cpu waterblock.... So in what order should this be arranged tubing wise? Like pump --> radiator or otherwise? Also, are silver kill coils effective? Also, when mounting my fans to my rad, which is 20 fpi, and the fans are 4250 rpm. Which direction do I face the fans? Do I want the airflow pushing or pulling through the radiator? I have 4 fans and a 480mm black ice rad.
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  1. I should tell you to read the sticky as all the info is in there but I'm feeling generous,
    Loop order on a simple loop does not matter apart from the pump being directly after the reservoir.
    Kill coils kill algae yes but can cause clouding of clear tube, I prefer UV light but also have four coils.
    Push is more effective than pull on a single side set up, use shrouds to eliminate the deadspot and go pushpull if you can.
  2. On my system I went with a XSPC 750 RS240 kit since it was my first time and it had everything I needed minus the coolant. I used a silver kill coil since it was included and a lot of sites recommended using them.
    As for my loop since my pump is built into the res on the XSPC I went from the pump out>rad in>rad out>CPU block in>CPU block out>res in.
    As Motopsychojdn said I would set your fans in a push/pull if you have the room to do so. I did see a few degrees cooler by running four fans in push/pull.

    And I would still read the sticky's as I found them to be very helpful when it came time for me to put the whole thing together. And take your time do not rush it. Do a leak test and make sure everything is working correctly before you power up the full system again.

    One last thing flush out the rad really good before you setup your system you will be surprised how much crap will come out of that rad that would other wise be floating in your loop.
  3. Thanks, what exactly is meant by push/pull? Is it one side of the rad has fans pushing air through it and the other side has fans pulling air in the same direction as it is being pushed?
  4. yup you got it
  5. That's allot of questions i think you should read the sticky thread when you feel up to reading it for such basic questions it's in your best interest like the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink good luck!
  6. Thanks all!
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