Are my Antec Kuhler H2O 620 temperatures too high?

Hi, my rig is

i5 2500k @ stock speed
ATI Radeon 5870x2 Crossfire 1GB VRAM
16GB Patriot Gamer Series 2 RAM
160GB + 160GB + 250GB HDD
OEM HP xw9300 750W PSU
OEM xw9300 case
Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 v1.3

I according to HWMonitor, I get a package temperature of 37 degrees, with all of my cores at 33 except one, which is quite a bit higher at 38-39.

Are these temperatures to be expected? Did I mount something wrong? Thanks.

Here is a picture of my machine:
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  1. Load temps?
  2. shouldn't the hoses of the rad be on the bottom? never used an all in one W/C
  3. I would flip the rad over, air can get stuck at the top of the rad and hinder performance.
  4. My i5 2500k idles at 32-38 and running prime 95 gets up to 48-49.

    stock clocks.
  5. Load temps seem perfectly fine to me.
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