NVIDIA 3D gaming/htpc motherboard/memory question

Hi all! I am getting ready to build a combination gaming/htpc system built around the nVIDIA 3D Vision platform. My question is, which motherboard/memory option would be better.... going with the Asus Crosshair II utilizing DDR2 or the MSI NF980-G65 using DDR3? Thanks for everyones assistance!
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  1. If your are doing a new build, there is no reason to go with DDR2 since it's being phased out. That's my 2¢.
  2. Yea, that was my thinking too, but I really like the Crosshair II......guess I'll see if anyone else wants to give me some additional input.....thanks for your advice, Ill post which way I decide to go and list my full component list....I think it's gonna run me about $1500-$2500 total
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    I agree with going with DDR3 is the way to go but with that said, there will be little performance difference for your needs between the two. You can go the DDR2 route but future upgrades will be more and more difficult on that board.

    On a side note... Is there a reason you are going AMD for SLI over Intel when Intel chipsets are the better performing SLI boards?
  4. I am looking at the AMD version mobo's assuming that would be the cheaper route to go both in the cost of the mobo as well as the cpu. I could be wrong, but I am a rookie system builder looking to develop a low-cost gaming/htpc that I could market. I appreciate the advice and will start pricing Intel components. Thanks again, and as I have mentioned before, I'll let everyone know the direction I wind up going (although I may move the final post to a more appropriate forum area, if so I'll tell everyone where I posted my system info and cost)
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