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Which Drive to Choose?

hello all,

i'm currently looking at hard drives for my new build. the new computer will be used mostly for gaming and light software usage. so a 5900 rpm 750 gb, 32mb cache should suffice. can anyone recommend any good hard drives? im looking at a price of 50-70$ after rebate (oem/bare drives are fine). and i also realize that the prices skyrocketed after the Thailand flood, but if you do know of any good deals, please post.

any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. ive also been looking at the drives from

    seems as if they're bs-ing me because all of their drive are nearly half off, and customer support doesn't answer

    anyone have experience with them?
  2. can anyone at least suggest a drive?
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    If it is a single drive I suggest any 7200rpm drive from a major manufacturer that fits your budget, there is a speed gain over slower drives!
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