AMD SATA 6G - one more "soapy" piece of hardware

Well, did not expect that from AMD, really - it's quite nVidia style - to issue something not even close to the standard and call it SATA 6G solution.

Hope, most of you understand that Marvell "SATA 6G" is a swindle, but to expect a swindle from AMD?

My adwise to AMD - call your "SATA 6G" solution a SATA II+ - would be closer to the fact and more hornest (but make them support at least 250GB/s in SATA II mode!)
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  1. What are you even talking about? If you're going to rant, provide us with some links and be more clear so we can get a real discussion going.
  2. OK!

    First look at the AMD 800 series chipset description:
    PCIe v.2.0 x4 uplink provides no more than 1.8 max data throughput - bearly enough to support 3 SATA 6G devices.

    Second - all previous AMD chipsets used a separate PCIe x1 link per SATA channel - so, AMD SATA II max data throughput is no better than 220-230 GB/s (even less on most chipsets). Do not think AMD have better solution up their sleeve yet, so even a single drive would not be able to run faster than 450GB/s - faster than SATA II, but not at all SATA 6G (550-560 data throughput) - btw, there are some "news leaks" confirming the latter.
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