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Hello guys i want to overclock my core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz proccesor to 3.00ghz...can you help cuz i am new here..this is my mail.. dolor_1[at] my motherboard is biostar g41d3c. check this C:\Users\Scarface\Documents\SCARFACE-PC.html pls help me :)
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  1. 1. dont post your email on forums unless you want to get on the spam list
    2. you posted a directory of your pc and now a webside link
  2. if it is a pre-built pc you are not going to be able to overclock it....but if it custom built you probably can....can you give us more info though? what motherboard do you have? also what cooler is on there?

    basically there are two things that you need to worry about with this OC (since its a pretty small one you can neglect a few things)

    the two things are vcore and fsb speed...most likely you could just leave your vcore on auto and it will bump it up a little bit (dont usually recommend this but again its such a small oc)

    all you really have to do is change your FSB to around 285-286 range and it will give you the speed increase to 3ghz...if you want to go higher thats a diff story and will require alot more work
  3. Hello.My pc is costum buidl from nothing...
    Motherboard is Biostar G41D3C with 4GB DDR-3(1333)Ram
    Ehm i am using this cooler ( ) i am not sure is it allowed to post links..
    When i try to change FSB my bios wont let me..
    and i am sorry for posting my e-mail but i a new..forgive me.
  4. so you have the stock intel heatsink and are allowed to post links just not emails....what do you mean that the BIOS does not let you change the FSB? what does it do? to change it in your mobos BIOS you go to the performance section and you change the cpu frequency setting its defaulted to 266 you just type in 286 and you pretty much just oc'ed your cpu to 3ghz lol
  5. Well i cant change cpu frequency it wont allow me..
    what should i do?
  6. what do you mean it doesnt allow you to? how does it not allow you? what does it do when you try? you need to be more descriptive you are just repeating yourself....
  7. Ehm when i try to change i go perfomance and i need change this to 286 wont allow i press enter to change nothing happends..
  8. for example,when i select the CPU frequency setting and hit enter to bring up the options nothing happens.
  9. Hey i overclocked it now its 290(3045ghz) what is max i can go with my stock cooler?300?
  10. I cant really tell you what your max would be with the cooler you need to figure that out for yourself....check your temps using core temp or something and prime95 to put the cpu under load....when running prime95 your temps should not exceed 60c....but I would not recommend going too much higher with the stock cooler and this OC'ing style if you go any further you are gonna have to mess with the vcore and ram speed more
  11. Ok ty :)
  12. Don't expect any miracles though since your on a biostar motherboard and a stock heatsink, overclocking it past 3.5 can be dangerous, maybe even sooner depending on the ventilation and dust in your case.
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