Mixing 1066 and 1333 memory sticks


I got 2 memory sticks 4G each DDR3 1333, on my existing XPS 9000 I have 4G memory of DDR3 1066, 2 sticks.

Should I just plug the new 8G memory into the slots and will it work?

Also since I am mixing different latency and size, would it hurt the performance?

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  1. Try putting the 1066 in first,, the 1333 can run at 1066 but not the other way around, also you might have to dig around in the bios if there is a snafu...:)
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    Depends on the modules -- First off what are you doing that needs more than 8GB. of RAM ? If nothing then Stick with the 1333Mhz. modules and sell the others !

    If you want to keep all 12GB. then the next question becomes are they all the same voltage ? - the system can only run all modules at the same voltage so if they have different voltage requirements you might run into stability problems !

    Next question you'd need to find an answer to is will the 1066mHZ. modules run stable OC'd to 1333 Mhz. @ the voltage of the new modules ? If they can run stable at that setting then run all 12 GB. @ 1333Mhz. if they cannot then you need to run the newer faster modules at you old modules speed - in which case you then need to determine if running 12GB. @ 1066Mhz. gives you better performance than the 8GB. @ 1333 Mhz. (again that will depend on what you are doing that needs more than 8GB. !!
  3. I don't really feel I need more than 8GB, I used to have 8GB and mostly I am only using below 40% even when watch HD movies and editing videos.

    I will try it out, and maybe just sell the 1066 modules on ebay.

    Dell gave the memory free to me because they had bad handling on my broken computer and they matched the memory of one of the (broken again) system.
  4. I plugged in the new modules last night and they worked fine, the motherboard picked 1066 automatically.

    I guess 12 G memory will definitely be a waste, and those modules are made by different company therefore I am worried about the stability.

    I will sell the 4G and either upgrade my graphic card or go SSD as tom's hardware suggested.:)

    Thank guys for helping out!
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