Is this a Windows 7 problem?

Hi guys. Can anybody please help me with this problem:
I have built a new system. Gigabyte P55 UD2 motherboard, i5 processor, 4 gigs GSkill 1600 ram, single 500 gig HD, 1 DVD, Corsair 550w power supply, Powercolor 5670 graphics and Windows 7 32 bit.
System worked but I got the same problem as other people with the vertical stripe crash screen at various times plus the "your graphic card failed but has recovered" message.
OK I thought, I will get an average graphics card for the time being while Ati sort out the aforementioned problem.
I went out today and bought a Geforce 210.
Now a new problem has appeared - I get a screen freeze after 30 secs to 2 mins which requires a power off.
However, if I run the card on low 800 x 600 setting, it works fine.
As soon as I raise the resolution, I get the freeze up.
I've done the following - flashed the bios to the latest, removed one of the memory sticks, downloaded all of the latest drivers for everything, used the vga output instead of the dvi.
I don't want to have to start replacing more components to see if it works.
Any knowledgeable people have any suggestions?
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  1. Where did you download your video card drivers from?

    Have you checked your temperatures? Download RealTemp or CoreTemp.
  2. Did you get rid of every last trace of the ATI drivers with a driver sweeper before switching brands? Its known to cause strange issues if you dont.
  3. ekoostik - I got the latest video drivers from

    Hunter - no I never used a driver sweeper. Can you recommend one for Windows 7? Do I run it in safe mode?

    Thanks, Mike.
  4. Yes apols. I figured this was the right place for the question in case it wasn't a Windows 7 problem.
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