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Hello. I recently bought the Sims 3 game and was disappointed to find that the game was playing reeeeaally slowly. Looking at the system reqs I found out that I don't have enough ram and an incompatible video card. I don't mind buying more ram coz it will make my computer faster in general, so what I was wondering is how will the game play with the incompatible video card? Does an incompatible video card affect the speed of the game or just the quality? Coz I could handle lesser graphics but not a lagging game.
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  1. When a company lists a minimum requirement, I assume that to mean "the absolute lowest that anyone could possibly enjoy this game with" ... so if you're going lower than that... ugh... I just can't imagine having a positive experience. Any GPU in the ~$100 range should give you acceptable performance assuming your PSU is up to the task. What card are you trying to run this with?
  2. something like a hd 4650, 4670 or 5670 would be more than enough for this game. most of the cards that the game says is within the minimum requriements are not sold anymore and will mostlikely be a bad price/performace ratio if you can even find them.
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