My frequency doesn't increase?

Why is it that whenever I successfully overclock and check the status of my overclocked frequency, it shows the result, then drops back to the stock frequency close to 1600?
Something I did wrong?
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  1. no ... its good , power management still active ( amd cnq and intel is EIST )
  2. so it's overclocked already? i dont have to worry about it?
  3. yes ... actual overclock will show in CPU-Z if your system fulload or working .. in above 1600 is idle condition .. according your system
  4. thanks a lot
  5. and one thing if you must test your OC use Prime95 ... sure get Pass .. good luck bro
  6. weird i used cpu-z and it did show the increase in frequency then it went back down to around 1600mhz. it doesn't change whatsoever
  7. tell me your system mobo/CPU/ also post your screenshot CPU-Z .. maybe i can help you
  8. aaahhh don't worry you had good system .. You just do not understand why it is always to the 1600 ... already explained that the power management with intelspeed step / EIST is still active / auto and it 's good for PC !
    look at intel :
  9. is there a way to check what frequency my system is running at?
  10. right click on icon my computer clcik properties .. or yes .. use play game , benchmark .. encoding video too much for check
    or test stabillity Prime95 or OCCT
    bye :P
  11. hmm alright.... thanks
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