I have a Velocity Micro 2250 with an Intel Q9450 CPU. The card in it now is a GeForce 9800GTX/9800GTX+. I just got a 26" Vizio monitor and am looking to get a card with HDMI to connect it. It don't do extreme gaming ... mostly Office apps and web browsing. I need some suggestions for a good replacement card that will meet my needs now and for the next couple years.
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  1. whats the budget?

    a 5750 should suit your needs.
  2. The budget isn't a major issue. I just don't want to get the latest / greatest gaming card ... because that's not what I need. I figured I should be able to get something appropriate for around $200 +/-. Is there a reason you suggested a AMD ATI chipset rather than a nVida? In the 5750 - any particular brand that out-shines others? Thanks.
  3. well right now ATI is the best choice. they are offering a new series of cards with more features and better price/performance. until nvidia release their own new series, ATI are the market leader.

    id say go for the 5750, its a reasonable price (165 dollars, maybe less) has HDMI, supports up to 3 monitors from a single card and out performs your current card.
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