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I just updated the bios on a ta790gx 128m biostar board to the newest bios out on the biostar website as I was having trouble with my it wont post or anything. the system powers on, but it won't show no keyboard lights, show the post screen or can i fix this? thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. It does sound like you had a bad BIOS flash that crashed your MOBO. I would contact BIOSTAR to see how they recommend reverting the BIOS / New BIOS flash. You might have to RAM it for them to fix. This is going off that nothing else had changed and your system failed to boot after the flash.

    In the mean time, you can try resetting your CMOS to see what that does for you.
  2. You may also try booting with 1 stick of memory. I've had a stick of memory fail on initial boot-up after a BIOS flash.
  3. neither one of those options worked...there has to be a way to fix this. i have already sent the board back to get the mosfets replaced and that took nearly 3 weeks or more to get the board back...i am just getting really frustrated dealing with this machine after 6 months worth of problems and now i get this...definitely turning me off of biostar and amd period. always was a fan of amd...but this machine has about done it for just exhausted with the damn thing. :(
  4. If it has a removable BIOS chip/EEPROM (PLCC or DIP BIOS chip) go here ,I've dealt with him in the past, ordered a new EEPROM chip preprogramed with the BIOS of my choice. Order it late Friday afternoon and had it Tuesday morning, via Snail Mail no less. Then sent the one I borked for a backup.
  5. Well, right now I am copying contents of my external drive over to my other computer then going to format it to fat32...and place a bios over on it and then try to ctrl+home it...hopefully this works...what is your guys opinion on this? Will this work for me or not? Because nothing comes up nor can i get like the numlock key or caps lock key to come on my there anything i can do without having to send anything off...which i have done in the past 6 months for this machine...i just got a replacement power supply for it today and this happens.
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