Blue death for i7 & 680sli


first let me start of with my pc specs:

i7 oc'ed @ 4.3 GHz
gtx680 SLI
8 GB vengeance ram
850W PSU
sds 120GB
2TB hdd
cpu h80 water cooled @ 12v flat

now as i mentioned above i have overclocked my i7@ 4.3ghZ with voltages of 1.245 and did a prime 95 for 1 hr and ever thing looked fine no crashes, reduced my volts 1.240 and did the test again and still every thing was fine and stable.

but once in a while my pc crashes (blue screen) in gaming or after but my temps stay stable at under 58ish degrees and never go beyond that....

my gpu's are stock and not been oc;ed temps shows on furmark test of 1080p for 15 mins 75 degrees for the top card and 68 degrees cel for the lower card and don't go beyond that either , average temp for both cards @ 76 degrees cel

my furmark scores were BURN-IN SCORE: 4161 points

i have done the tests many times but every thing look fine...both for the cup and gpu.

what could be causing the blue screen crash?? is it my cpu or my gpu????

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  1. it could be bc the OC is not stable...I would not call a 1 hour prime95 test completion a stable could just be a very close to stable should be able to run prime95 for 8 hours straight with no issues....I would start there....turn prime95 on one night when you go to bed and test it for a lot longer period of time see if it can handle it...1.24v is pretty low for 4.3ghz....not super low but I would not be surprised if it needs a little more vcore....other than that I would try new drivers for the cards....sli is a pain sometimes and it has been known to cause issues like this
  2. ok so what vcore volts u think are good for 4.3ghz??

    yes the drivers fir the gpu were out of date thanks for pointing that out
  3. I cant really tell you for sure what would be good but leave it where it is and test it out tonight when you go to bed or something....if it fails by the time you wake up up it to the next level of vcore and then try again....this process takes a long time but in the end it yields the best possible OC that is rock stable and takes the least possible vcore
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