Gigabyte 890fx vs 890gx

since BD wont be arriving to am3 boards, any reason to pick a gigabyte 890fx over gigabyte 890gx?

as far as i know the differences are back panel connections and gx only allows dual cards to run at 8x vs fx's 16x.

need gigabyte because i need 7+ sata connections and the asus only has 6.

everywhere i go people tell me to stay away from the gigabyte 890gx due to tons of problems with it, same as the msi 890fx another board i really liked the looks of.

im looking to put in a 1055t 95w and overclocking it to 4ghz with a corsair h70.

im not interested in running crossfire.

is the build quality on the gigabyte 890fx really that much nicer then the gigabyte 890gx or msi 890fx?
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  1. They all should have similar build quality. If you are not planning on crossfire then the GX is fine and you get the integrated graphics as well.
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