Sapphire HD 5670 HDMI not displaying to TV but DVI does

Hi All,

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for this - I've been googling the problem generically and havent found any fixes and since the card is pretty new, nothing specific to it either.

Today I just bought a Sapphire HD 5670 for my older desktop - like to play RTS and my HD 2850 was feeling dated. It outputs fine to my ACER AL1916W (old but will replace when more $$$ saved).

Using the HDMI output I connected it to my month old Sharp Aquos LC-40E67UN and nothing appeared. Rebooted, nothing. Auto detech on the TV is on.

I switched the cable and port to my PS3 and it worked, so I dont think its the TV. Strange thing is Catalyst and Windows detect it as SHARP HDMI DTV with 1920x1080 @60Hz and the Tv does not say unusable signal like it does when i fiddle with a direct VGA connect (but i can output it to fine with VGA). It can output directly through VGA but my monitor is using the DVI port (with convert to VGA since it is old) and I was hoping for sound.

Any ideas on how this could be resolved? Most of these problems on google were just to resolve no sound issues - but I'm not getting anything!

Thanks Everyone!

- Ryan
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  1. bump? No one has any suggestions?
  2. Hey, i also have this problem :(
    bought card last week for my htpc, hdmi will work, but flickers on and off (ie works, then black screen, then works). It doesnt have this problem with my lcd's or anything else, only my tv (and it detects it as sony bravia etc) 1920x1080 @60hz. I also tried 50hz, makes no difference, i tried it at lower resolution and it seemed to work. Try 1280x720.
    Im hoping this is a driver issue so i am waiting for 10.2, else this has RMA written all over it.
    For now im using dvi, but the only reason i bought this card is i wanted 7.1 over hdmi and the ability of 400 stream processors for video encoding, what a waste of $100 :(
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