First build- What AMD CPU should I get?

This is the setup I have settled on:

Video Card: XFX Radeon HD 5770
Motherboard:GIGABYTE GA-770TA-UD3
Hard Drive:Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB
Case:Thermaltake Element T
RAM:G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB
PSU+Optical Drive:OCZ 600W+Lite-On Drive
Monitor:1680x1050 LG that I have already

Which comes to $529 after rebates. But as for the CPU I'm lost as to what to get. I want something in the $100 dollar range and it looks like these are my options from cheapest to most expensive:

Athlon II X3 435-$75- Might be able to be unlocked to turn into an Athlon II X4 635

AMD Phenom II X2 555-$89 in a combo with my GPU- Might be able to unlock to either a Phenom II X3 720 or X4 955

Athlon II X4 630-$100- Safe bet- I'll get what I paid for

AMD Phenom II X3 720-$105- Might be able to be unlocked to turn into a Phenom II X4 955. OEM so no cooler(not too big of an issue as I was going to get one at some point anyway) or warranty. Is no warranty an issue for CPUs?

Thanks in advance everyone!
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  1. Oh and also what are the differences in performance with these processors? Would there be a noticeable difference between the Athlon II X4 630 and the (If I'm lucky enough to get it) Phenom II 955?
  2. The Phenom II x3 720 is actually faster then the Athlon II x4 630 in most instances and that is because of the added L3 cache. I would get the Phenom it will game better and also still has a good chance of being unlocked.

    Benchmark comparision

    You have a better chance of unlocking the 4th core on the Phenom than unlocking the disabled cache of the Athlon.
  3. Thanks I was leaning towards that one. But is the lack a warranty a big deal for a CPU?
  4. It is.
  5. Ah but the Phenom II 720BE will overclock higher and with its added L3 cache have better performance and so many people have had success at unlocking them and even if it dont unlock it is a great chip. As for the warranty it has a 30 day warranty and for the most part CPUs out live their usability before they die.

    And when it does unlock which is a good chance it will, it will blow the 435 out of the water.

    Heres the AthlonII x3 vs the PhenomII x4 955 which is what that 720 will be when it unlocks and OC to 3.2ghz.
  6. Personally I would go with the PII 555 or the PII 720. Be sure to get the black edition of the 720 if you choose that one. The reason I choose these two chips is because the both perform very well for their price. They also have the bonus of having a locked core which will be fun to play with.
  7. ct1615 said:

    you do realize the 435 has as much chance of unlocking a core as the 720!!! And only an idiot like yourself tells people to buy a cpu based on the fact ("which is what that 720 will be when it unlocks") it will unlock. Will you be reimbursing the OP if it fails to unlock? I am getting tired of embarrassing you for the fool you are, I though I told you to leave the forum!

    I said it has a good chance only an idiot like you cant do simple reading comprehension and tells somebody to get a slower processor when if he has the means to get the better processor why wouldn't he.

    And as for you embarrassing me the only person you embarrass is yourself. The L3 cache makes a bigger difference then you think maybe the 435 is all you can afford but for the OP has the money to get it why would he cheat himself out of performance makes no sense to me. LMAO at telling me to leave the forum you should take your own advice and leave the forum you do nothing but give bad advice every post.
  8. ct1615 said:
    you are a fool plain and simple, you tell people how to unlock cores without even knowing or ever done it yourself, you tell people incorrect motherboards to buy, yet to reply to every single thread here like its some contest to make the most replies. You are not worth anyone's time. Hopefully when you grow up you will not have anything to do with computers.

    You really have to learn how to grow up you state all these things I do but you have no proof on any of this Its weird how somehow I dont know what I am talking about but have over 70 best answers in this section in the past 3 months also have a sticky wheres your sticky at oh wait you dont have one hmmm. Also how long have you been a member and your barely above veteran status I think thats enough proof and I will let you make yourself look dumber and dumber. I have been working on computers since the mid 80's and have been programming since early 90s now I will admit my knowledge for AMDs aren't that great but I do know what I am talking about. I have graduated from Drexel University with Honors what have you done except for being a forum rat that has no clue.

  9. Time to cool off guys, or you'll be taking a few days off to enjoy the weather. Keep the thread on topic.
  10. I say athlon if you want to save money(athlon x3) then take your chances to unlock. The performance hit from the l3 cache isn't that large in games
  11. Your right the L3 is not a huge difference but it is a difference. If the OP can afford it the 720 would be the best choice performance wise stock and even better choice considering its potential performance.
  12. If you are gonna unlock a core the warranty is voided anyways.
  13. Userremoved said:
    If you are gonna unlock a core the warranty is voided anyways.

    Oh well that makes my decision a bit easier. I realize the 435 is a better deal but I think I'm going to go with the 720. I'm not betting on it unlocking but the 720 seems a little better, and it would be fantastic if it would unlock. And sorry for causing all this drama; I realize you were all just trying to help me out. Can anyone recommend a good cheap CPU cooler?
  14. The Cooler Master HYPER 212 + is a great cooler that wont break the bank for $34.99

    And great choice on the 720 you wont be disappointed.
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